Olympic National Park

June 22nd, 2020|Washington|

Olympic National Park is obviously one of our favorite places in the world.  We hit three major spots in the park - Sol Duc Falls, Lake Crescent and Hurricane Ridge.  We only had to wear [...]

Home cooking in WA

June 17th, 2020|Washington|

Because we're lucky to travel so much, we eat out a LOT.  Which means that we really savor home cooked meals (hint! hint!)  Luckily, we know some pretty great chefs!!

Baby Shower

January 18th, 2020|Washington|

We decided to do a Build-A-Library baby shower for Sarah, at her new home.  As Dr. Seuss says, "Fill your house with lots of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks!"  The baby [...]

Amazon in Seattle

September 13th, 2019|Washington|

Sarah's been working at Amazon Web Services since February of 2019, so she invited us to "Take Your Parents To Work Day", where we had a chance to see her in action, and absorb some [...]

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