Boulder Mail Trail, UT

October 12th, 2021|Utah|

Mike's solo hiking trip with Wildland Trekking.  The route meanders across a stunning plateau that was historically used to transport mail (by mule) and supplies between the towns of Boulder and Escalante. It crosses three [...]

Partying in Moab, UT

September 25th, 2021|Utah|

Quick stop into Moab for a special birthday boy, Aron and Angela's son, Gracen!  Then up early for a 6am entrance to Arches Nat'l Park to beat the crowds.

Escalante Nat’l Monument, Utah

April 25th, 2021|Utah|

Mike flew directly into central Utah and was met by a private guide for a four day trek into the heart of Grand Staircase-Escalante Nat'l Monument.  Escalante features a 1,000-mile maze of interconnected canyons.  The [...]

Taking a breather in Moab, UT

May 24th, 2020|Utah|

We do love Moab - and decided it was the perfect spot for a birthday celebration.  Wide open spaces, sunshine and fresh air.  Just what the doctor ordered after being cooped up by the Covid-19 [...]

Zion and the Subway, UT

September 24th, 2018|Utah|

The Native American Paiute tribes called this area Mukuntuweap, but the National Park Service decided that the adopted Mormon name, Zion, was easier for the masses to pronounce.   The park’s striking vertical topography is what draw visitors [...]

Coyote Gulch, UT

September 8th, 2018|Utah|

Located in the vast Grand Staircase-Escalante desert, Coyote Gulch is a winding, semi-narrow canyon that snakes its way down through incredible red rock country, and joins with the Escalante River just above Lake Powell.  Mike hiked [...]

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

November 4th, 2016|Utah|

Capitol Reef is in south-central Utah's red rock country, and was a "new" National Park for us.  Scenic highway 12 is rated the #2 most beautiful highway in the world (behind Milford, New Zealand), curving 124 [...]

Camping in the Maze, Canyonlands

October 19th, 2016|Utah|

Canyonlands National Park has a section called the "Maze" which is known to be rugged and remote.  Visitors must be prepared for self-sufficiency and isolation.   That's why we turned back after one night, as [...]