Guy Trip to Big Bend National Park

2018-05-26T12:58:00-07:00April 15th, 2018|Texas|

Mike tagged along with Walt Yund and his friend Bob Bigler (a bonafide Texan).  Bob showed them some Texas hospitality at his ranch for three days, before the trek to Big Bend National Park. [...]

Texas, y’all

2018-05-14T15:25:04-07:00March 31st, 2018|Texas|

Austin is on the short list for Amazon's HQ2.  Things in common with Seattle:  tech savvy workforce, clean and green dog-friendly city, health conscious populace, and new high rise offices and condos.  Oh - and [...]

George W. Bush Library in Dallas

2016-06-07T20:06:00-07:00May 19th, 2016|Texas|

We make it a point to see many Presidential Libraries, regardless of politics.   Their purpose is clearly to cherry pick, polish and present their administration in the most flattering of lights.  The unprecedented media [...]

Dallas Cowboy Country

2016-06-01T19:56:46-07:00May 18th, 2016|Texas|

How big is this Texas homage to the Cowboys?  The "Palace in Dallas" is the biggest in the NFL.  So tall that you could stand the Statue of Liberty inside and her torch would not [...]

Texas Tech in Lubbock, TX

2016-02-25T21:43:39-08:00February 13th, 2016|Texas|

A stopover in Lubbock, TX allowed us time to catch up with our niece, Ashley, and visit Texas Tech University.  TTU campus is home to the undergraduate school, law school and medical school, and is [...]

Feeling the brotherly love in Texas

2017-09-14T09:49:05-07:00May 3rd, 2013|Texas|

We were thrilled to greet Tom, Mike's brother,who just weeks before narrowly missed the bombingwhen he finished the Boston Marathon.  Tom wasonly 200 yards away, in a building basement havingsome medical attention for his sore [...]

USS Lexington in Corpus Christi, TX

2017-09-14T09:49:24-07:00January 6th, 2011|Texas|

Japanese flag signed by WWII kamikaze pilots  This WWII era aircraft carrier was struck by a Japanese kamikaze pilot during the war, killing 52 men and injuring over 100. What the U.S. Navy did not [...]

Down home dinner in Texas

2017-09-14T09:49:37-07:00July 31st, 2009|Texas|

Nothin' says Texas like fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans with bacon and creamed corn. Which is just what we had visiting Mike's brother Tom and family in Fort Worth, Texas at the famous "Babe's" [...]

Keep Austin Wierd

2017-09-14T09:49:43-07:00December 17th, 2008|Texas|

Is the cry of the capital city. From the top, steer head and pressed tin ceiling at the Driskill Hotel (steeped in Texas tradition, and steps from lively 6th Avenue music scene), urban cowboy on [...]