Northern Tanzania and Mary Leakey

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Buffalo are the most dangerous to humans.Dedicated herbivores, they will charge and killif surprised or provoked.  The horns wereshaped like a perfectly styled haircut.The wildebeast - a truly odd animal,skinny legs, big shoulders.  Made out [...]

Growing up as a Maasai

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Maasai children speak Maa, Swahili and Englishat age 3.  They demonstrated (at the top of theirlungs!) their ability to recite numbers for us.Maasai huts are simple, beds and fire only,with a small hole at the [...]

Jumping with Maasai Warriors in Tanzania

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Maasai are a nomadic tribe near northern Tanzania, primarily cattle herders - they stillhave grazing rights in the national parks.  Thinand tall, the Maasai warriors are known for jumping, a necessary skill to see predators from a distance.  Mike [...]

Lions in Tanzania, Africa

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We had our picnic lunch in the truckabout 20 ft. from this pride of lions!Note the older lioness on the right, fittedwith a radio collar for scientists to keeptrack of the pride.Strong teeth are important [...]

Looking for Leopards

2017-09-14T09:49:19-07:00October 5th, 2011|Africa, Tanzania|

Oblivious to us and our binoculars.  Nap time. A ferocious looking yawn.Leopards are typically solitary.This rare sighting was a motherand her cub, who looks like he'llsoon be old enough to hunt onhis own.The eyes were absolutely haunting.They [...]

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Kilamanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa,at 19,351 feet - glaciers are receding due to global warming.  Scientists estimate the icecould be gone within the next 2 decades.A motorcycle full of EGGS!Women carry loads on their [...]


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African elephants are the largest living terrestrialanimals.  Those huge ears provide air conditioning.  At the end of the trunk are twoopposing lips - Asian elephants have onlyone lip.Elephants are herbivores, eating as much as 500pounds per [...]

Welcome to Tanzania

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Tanzanian shilings are about 1600 to $1USD,so this 10,000 note (wow) is worth about $6.Tanzania had hyper inflation a few years ago,when one TRILLION Tanzanian shillingswouldn't buy you a cup of coffee. Agriculture accounts for about [...]