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Badlands National Park, South Dakota

2017-09-14T09:49:06-07:00December 1st, 2012|South Dakota|

Badlands is an otherworldly place, where dryterrain has been eroded by wind and water,creating an eerie landscape.  Here aslice of road twists through the Yellow Mounds,formed when the ancient sea drained away andthe ocean mud [...]

Where in the world is Wall Drug?

2017-09-14T09:49:06-07:00November 30th, 2012|South Dakota|

Mike found the locals very friendly!Famous by its own admission, Wall Drug hasbillboards for hundreds of miles in everydirection, free ice water and bumper stickers.A marketing phenomenon, loyal customers havephotographed themselves all over the world [...]

Crazy Horse and Wind Cave

2017-09-14T09:49:06-07:00November 29th, 2012|South Dakota|

Crazy Horse memorial, begun in 1948, depicts the Sioux warrior pointing with his index fingerin answer to the question, "Where are your landsnow?"  Crazy Horse replied, "My lands are wheremy dead lie buried."When completed, Crazy Horse will [...]

Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota

2017-09-14T09:49:06-07:00November 28th, 2012|South Dakota|

Mt Rushmore was conceived as an ideato promote tourism to the Black Hills ofSouth Dakota.  Over 90% of constructionwas done with dynamite charges applied tothe granite over 14 years (1927-1941).  Look how they left a cube [...]