Ljubljana, Slovenia

June 14th, 2009|Slovenia|

Quick, say Ljubljana 3 times fast! (Hint: the J sounds like Y). This is the capital of Slovenia, and a beautiful arty youthful city. It housese the Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences, and each [...]

Dinner @ Castle Bled

June 1st, 2009|Slovenia|

Perched above Lake Bled in Slovenia is a fairy tale castle, built in the middle ages, with a spectacular view of the lake. We were lucky enough to score dinner reservations on a night when [...]

Lake Bled, Slovenia

June 1st, 2009|Slovenia|

Lake Bled (pronouced "blade") in Slovenia is quite the hub of actvity for Eastern Europeans. First of all, the lake itself is pure and calm, with a small island in the middle with a chapel. [...]

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