Castles, Castles and Castles

September 22nd, 2019|Scotland|

Aside from Edinburgh and Stirling Castle, we also saw Dunnotar, Doune, Drum, Dunrobin, Cragievar, Eilaen Donan, Crathes, Dunfermline Abbey and Holyrood Palace.  To be honest, they did start to blur a bit after a while.  [...]

Stirling, Scotland

September 20th, 2019|Scotland|

Brutally quick Scottish history:  William Wallace (aka Braveheart) was a 13th century Scottish warrior who led the Scots against King Edward I of England in 1296, the First War of Scottish Independence.  He was knighted [...]

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

September 17th, 2019|Scotland|

Edinburgh Castle sits on a bluff overlooking Scotland's capital city, dominating the skyline since somewhere around 600 C.E.   The line of royals that called it home is impressive.  Mary Queen of Scots gave birth to [...]

The Scotland Golf Hit Parade

August 14th, 2010|Scotland|

"Welcome to Scotland!", said the caddie. "We have golf balls that are older than America!" Our Scottish golf, outside of the beloved St. Andrews, was as follows: Turnberry, Rennaisance, , North Berwick (where Mike is [...]

In Inverness, Scotland

August 14th, 2010|Scotland|

Loch Ness - with the beautiful pink fireweed that was everywhere - no monsters here!!I'm deciding how to chip my golf ball out of the "Heather on the Hill" - and Mike is taking a [...]

Scottish cigarette warnings

August 1st, 2010|Scotland|

Unbelievably graphic, these are the required warnings for cigarettes in Scotland, where one pack costs the equivalent of $10 in USD. Smoking is on the decline in Scotland, go figure.

Sunny Scotland

July 29th, 2010|Scotland|

Well, it seemed sunny to us, since we'd been rained out in Ireland! Our first view of Scotland included a very welcome rainbow (sunshine being a necessary ingredient :) Light ocean breezes, too.Our first stop [...]