Vina Del Mar, Chile

March 31st, 2009|Chile, Patagonia|

Vina del Mar is Santiago's vacation playground, about an hour away and right on the ocean. The climate here is cooler than Santiago, lending itself well to wine grapes. We tasted fresh cabernet grapes right [...]

More Valparaiso Art

March 30th, 2009|Chile, Patagonia|

Washers and dryers are a luxury item here, but the clothes hanging outside added to the bohemian ambience. Who would ever think up painting ants on a gate outside a nice home? To quote Pablo [...]

Valparaiso Art

March 30th, 2009|Chile, Patagonia|

Valparaiso is a bit rough around the edges, but it's finding it's renaissance in art, which is bursting from murals and doorways throughout the city. So creative, it is considered the cultural center of Chile. [...]