Moroccan Tilework

May 12th, 2010|Africa, Morocco|

Moroccan tiles are famous world wide, and the artisanship of tile making has carried on for hundreds of years. The Moroccan government wanted to preserve this timeless Moroccan tradition so it hired artists to decorate [...]

Moroccan Cooking

April 24th, 2010|Africa, Morocco|

Moroccan food is ordered in a fixed price menu, and do they ever load you up with the food... First the "mezes" or appetizer plates, they bring about 8 different little vegetarian dishes such as [...]

Fast Facts: Morocco

April 24th, 2010|Africa, Morocco|

Where? Morocco is in northwest Africa, really close to Spain, which is just across the straight of Gibraltar, on the Atlantic ocean. Language? They speak Arabic and French. Almost all signs are in both languages. [...]