Gals trip to Tulum, Mexico

2018-02-09T12:51:41+00:00 January 25th, 2018|Mexico|

Two hours south and a world away from Cancun is the funky eco-chic town of Tulum.  Great food, great time hanging out with my Seattle friends, Kathy Shelby and Terry Jones.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

2017-01-26T06:20:13+00:00 January 23rd, 2017|Mexico|

Cabo was fun, but the party scene is a little overwhelming.  We soaked in the warmth, because we'll be missing that when we hit Antarctica.

Todo Santos, Mexico

2017-01-26T05:52:51+00:00 January 20th, 2017|Mexico|

Todo Santos is the gem of the Baja.  There are no time shares, no wandering sunglass salesmen, no drinkfests.  This is an art filled, walkable small city with great beaches, incredibly good food and wonderful [...]

La Paz, Mexico

2017-01-26T05:00:41+00:00 January 15th, 2017|Mexico|

Swimming with the gentle giants was incredible!  Whale sharks, the largest fish alive, are here in the Bay of La Paz during the winter, to filter feed on tiny plankton and krill.  The trick is [...]

Carnival in Cozumel

2016-02-16T10:42:38+00:00 February 9th, 2016|Mexico|

Carnival in Cozumel is a SERIOUS party!!  On Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Fat Tuesday - prior to the beginning of Lent, the locals dance, sing and drive huge floats up and down main street.  The [...]

Diving in Cozumel

2016-02-16T09:42:25+00:00 February 7th, 2016|Mexico|

After weeks of a plugged ear, Mike was finally able to dive in Cozumel.  Better late than never!  We did a drift dive, where currents are strong and you have to work harder to not [...]

Baja Peninsula Hurricane Odie

2015-06-05T11:28:34+00:00 January 26th, 2015|Mexico|

Hurricane Odie, in September 2014, dominated the Baja Peninsula for 9 stormy days, during which time 92% were without power while dealing with widespread flooding, damage to homes and businesses and looting (martial law was [...]


2015-03-02T19:10:37+00:00 January 25th, 2015|Mexico|

Cabo hadn't changed a lot since 2002.  Still a largely English speaking tourist town with a lot of time share hustle.  Also beautiful beaches, great restaurants and frolicking whales.  The beach is different, much more [...]

Ixtapa Bay Beach Fun

2017-09-14T09:49:09+00:00 February 5th, 2012|Mexico|

Between my broken Spanish and his brokenEnglish we finally communicated the commands -when I was supposed to pull the release tolower the parasail for landing.Our motto:  "It's not a real vacation unless you sign a waiver!!"Massages [...]

Charming Ixtapa, Mexico

2017-09-14T09:49:09+00:00 January 30th, 2012|Mexico|

Welcome flowers on the bed - a sweetMexican traditionOur waiter snapped this photo of us tryingto remember when we were last in Ixtapaand Zihuatanejo - about 5 years ago?Morning dip in the pool on our [...]

L-O-N-G Day of Dirt Biking

2017-09-14T09:49:26+00:00 May 12th, 2010|Mexico|

So what do you think is a long day of dirt biking?  Four hours?  Six hours?  Try eight hours. 203 miles in one day and 242 miles the next! (Note the professional napping job by [...]