Dripping in Savannah

October 20th, 2015|Georgia|

Savannah drips with Southern hospitality, and humidity, too!  The historic district has squares lined with oak trees bearing trails of Spanish moss.  It's a very walkable city, humming with music, art and great food. [...]

Savannah Food

October 19th, 2015|Georgia|

Getting into the Southern comfort food in Savannah.  The most interesting place we ate was The Grey, Savannah's new hot spot.  In a carefully preserved 1938 Greyhound Bus Station, there are authentic tiles where the [...]

Masters here we come!!!

April 22nd, 2009|Georgia|

It's ALL about the golf much fun as it was to shoot photos during the practice round, it's now time to eat, sleep and breathe the, let's go smack some golf balls!!!

Amen Corner

April 21st, 2009|Georgia|

This is mecca for golf fans. Amen corner is one of the toughest spots at Augusta, it's where the men and the boys part ways. The photos don't do justice to the beauty of this [...]

Hanging with Tiger and Greg

April 21st, 2009|Georgia|

Tiger looks pretty relaxed here, twirling his club like a baton as he strolls down the fairway. Greg Norman was relaxed, too. That's because it was a practice day...the next day they were ALL business.


April 21st, 2009|Georgia|

Oh, yeah...we were among the lucky few to breathe the rarified air of Augusta National. Got the badges, which they threaten to revoke if you: 1) Behave without proper golf decorum (i.e. no loud swearing, [...]

CNN in Atlanta

April 17th, 2009|Georgia|

Started in 1980 (has it been that long?), Cable Network News gained prominence in 1991 during the gulf war as the first 24 hour news network. We did a studio tour and saw the news [...]

Eating GRITS in Atlanta

April 13th, 2009|Georgia|

Mmmmm. Have you ever seen such a big grits section in a grocery store? Instant, slow cooked, cheesy, or bacon grits, y'all. Breakfast, lunch and dinner (and even dessert), it's a staple down here. What [...]