Corsica Adventures

2017-08-27T18:11:18-07:00August 1st, 2017|France, Italy|

We called this trip the "Francathalon", because we were pretty exhausted until we got to relax on the sailboat.  Michèle and the boys kept us busy!   As a bonus, we were so close to [...]

Mont Saint-Michel Abbey

2016-11-09T15:14:33-07:00September 10th, 2016|France|

Now that we slogged through the sandy hike to Mont Saint-Michel, we spent the next day hiking up the interior.  Mont Saint-Michel started as a monastery (monks only) in the 7th century, became an abbey in [...]

Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery

2016-10-28T18:04:35-07:00September 7th, 2016|France|

On June 6, 1944, more than 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily fortified French coastline, to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France. General Eisenhower called the operation a [...]

La Hague Coastal Trail

2016-10-27T18:21:28-07:00September 6th, 2016|France|

We hiked a piece of the Grande Randonnée which runs through the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain.  It runs for thousands of miles, like the Pacific Crest Trail.

Étretat Cliffs and Claude Monet

2016-10-26T17:40:18-07:00September 5th, 2016|France|

We hiked a windy trail for miles along the Étretat cliffs, in the northwest of Normandy, near the English Channel.  This was a favorite location of Impressionist painter Claude Monet.  He moved to several locations [...]

Rouen and Honfleur, France

2016-10-27T18:23:04-07:00September 4th, 2016|France|

We started our Country Walkers tour in Rouen, along the Siene river, and worked our way to Honfleur, a picturesque seaside town.  We hiked, and they moved our bags from hotel to hotel.  Nice! [...]

The Gardens of Villandry

2017-09-14T09:48:47-07:00September 3rd, 2016|France|

The Château de Villandry was the last great castle built during the Renaissance period.  Acres of geometric box hedges surround carefully tended fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

Château Clos Lucé and da Vinci

2016-10-20T21:53:18-07:00September 1st, 2016|France|

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) was an Italian polymath and Renaissance man.  An artist, engineer, architect and scientist, he prolifically sketched designs that weren't constructed or even feasible in his lifetime.  He fled political strife in [...]

Troisgros in Roanne, France

2016-10-10T22:03:22-07:00August 30th, 2016|France|

Troisgros is a Michelin 3 star, the highest honor a restaurant can achieve.  They've had 3 stars since 1968, making them an unprecedented success.   Many gourmets consider Troisgros to be the finest restaurant in [...]


2016-10-24T13:49:07-07:00August 29th, 2016|France|

Lyon is the third largest city in France, and the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, because of the early Roman influence.  Cinematography was invented in Lyon, by Auguste and Louis Lumière. [...]