A dicey boat ride

January 28th, 2006|Fiji|

We got in some snorkeling the morning of our departure. Beautiful tiny tropical fish were hiding in coral - diving in for protection at the least provocation. It almost looked like the coral was breathing [...]

Fiji Treehouse

January 28th, 2006|Fiji|

We're on the deck waiving from our treehouse, which was amazing and thankfully very dry, given all the rain. It came equiped with some serious bug spray (which we didn't have to use) and mosquito [...]

Rain rain go away

January 28th, 2006|Fiji|

When the native Fijiians wear rain gear to batten down the know the rain must be coming down pretty hard! Moments before this was taken, we were sitting on the deck under that umbrella [...]

Quick Kayak trip

January 28th, 2006|Fiji|

We took a spin around our island on arrival, which was good because within a couple of hours, we had a TORRENTIAL rain fall. I've never seen rain like that!!


January 28th, 2006|Fiji|

Bula means welcome in Fijiian. We were welcomed with something called coconut juice (?) Pretty tasty! The people here are friendly...the weather is muggy and overcast.

Matangi Island, Fiji

January 28th, 2006|Fiji|

We took this little plane (Mike estimated about 30 years old) through a nasty storm to our island. On takeoff, we had water streaming from seams in the ceiling.

Christmas Island

January 26th, 2006|Fiji|

A surprise stopover on the way to Fiji. Captain Cook arrived here on Christmas Eve, hence the name. Anyone remember the Bing Crosby song - Christmas Island? Santa sails in with your presents in a [...]