KRKA National Park .

June 17th, 2009|Croatia|

Not too many national parks let you swim in their waterfalls - this one had designated areas where you were invited to take a dip. Lots of cascading waterfalls with lengthy boardwalk trails. Look at [...]

Croatian wildlife

June 17th, 2009|Croatia|

The sun is back and all is forgiven...we saw a pod of dolphins who followed us for a while, some swans with their babies (cygnets?), and went hiking with some burros!

This is Croatia!I

June 17th, 2009|Croatia|

Isn't it lovely? There are 1,185 islands in Croatia and about 47 of them are inhabited. We visited more of the southern islands: Hvar, Milna, Vis, Rogoznica, Skradin, Piskera, Telascica, Vodice. (I'm sure we butchered [...]

Sailing in Croatia

June 14th, 2009|Croatia|

Here is our "yacht" so to speak, rented for 2 weeks from Sunsail. If you look closely, I'm hanging our laundry on the railing with clothespins. 47.3 ft. long, 6 people sleeping on board, galley, [...]

Croatia, origin of the necktie

June 14th, 2009|Croatia|

OK guys, did you know that you can thank 17th century Croats for popularizing the necktie? After the 30 years war in 1618-1648, Croatian mercinaries fought in the French Service. Voila, the Parisians liked that [...]