Pure Dolphin Joy!

February 2nd, 2010|Costa Rica|

Why do dolphins jump? Scientists disagree, but theories are: to travel faster than they can in the water, to get a birds eye view of where the food is, to get rid of parasites, or [...]

What a day

January 26th, 2010|Costa Rica|

We were greeted in the morning by a flat tire in the parking lot. The attendant (with Spanglish and lots of sign language) helped us put on the spare and directed us to a gas [...]

Conchal Beach, Costa Rica

January 24th, 2010|Costa Rica|

Conchal Beach or Playa Conchal doesn't actually have sand. In one of Mother Nature's bizzare twists, the beach is made up of millions of seashells (conchas), partially broken but definitely not sand yet. Made for [...]

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