Lunch with a VIEW

January 13th, 2010|Chile|

The view: wild flamingos on a marshy salt flat in front of the snow capped Andes. This was about a tenth of the scenery, but the camera lens is only so big! The food: salmon [...]

Atacama Desert Cathedrals

January 13th, 2010|Chile|

Along the Pan-Amercian highway linking the Pacific to the Atlantic across South America, there is a salt basin. Yes, a salt basin at this high elevation! The mountians on both sides trapped rainwater, which leached [...]

Highest Hike EVER!!

January 11th, 2010|Chile|

The highest hike we've EVER done was at 15, 500 ft. We had to move slowly to avoid dizziness and nausea. Hard to take a deep breath! Mike is pointing on the horizon to the [...]

Ay, Caballeros?!

January 11th, 2010|Chile|

Horseback ride around the Estancia (Ranch) near our lodge, even did some trotting. We passed a sweet flock of sheep along the dusty road, tended by their shepherdess.

Valle de la Luna Hike

January 11th, 2010|Chile|

Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) is a surreal place. You'd think they film movies here, but none so far. No plants, no wildlife, just sand and rocks twisted by the wind into [...]

Chilean Sunset, Food & Fun

January 11th, 2010|Chile|

While there are mountains around us, the flatness of the desert makes for truly dramatic sunsets. This area is without clouds nine months of the year, and receives only 1 centimeter of rain per YEAR. [...]

Cactus Hike in Atacama

January 11th, 2010|Chile|

There are rare spots here in the vast desert where a stream trickles and provides sustanance for a few cacti and some pampas grass. We worked our way through grass over our heads, and scrabled [...]

Running in Sandy Chile

January 8th, 2010|Chile|

Running down sand dunes is incredibly fun. It's soft, bouncy and when you get down to the bottom you have to pour sand out of your shoes. It's hard to describe how bright it is [...]

Exporing the Atacama Desert

January 8th, 2010|Chile|

We're in northern Chile, so far north we can see Bolivia in the distance. We're in the Atacama Desert along the west coast. It is SO dry here. How dry? Bars of soap dry [...]

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