Canada Harbor Tour

August 17th, 2011|Canada|

Spain competed in Vancouver's international fireworks competition, but China won the whole shooting match. I'm pretty sure this truck on Granville Island was holding mass quantities of asparagus soup. Harbour tour - there are more [...]

Chinatown, Vancouver BC Canada

August 17th, 2011|Canada|

Typical Chinese grocery - the most popularitem by far was multiple varieties ofginseng, use as an aphrodisiac.  Dried gecko - showing promise inChinese medicine to fight cancer.Gecko tea, anyone?  Mmmmm. The oldest street in Vancouver's Chinatownwelcomed [...]

Hiking in Sun Peaks, BC

July 15th, 2008|Canada|

We took the ski lift up mid-mountain and started hiking...and ran into our friend the bear, who was lumbering around sniffing all the wildflowers. He very politely posed for the photo shoot - and then [...]

Montreal, Quebec

June 25th, 2008|Canada|

This is the room that John Lennon and Yoko Ono stayed in on their honeymoon, where they had their "bed-in" and recorded "Give Peace a Chance". Apparently they wrote lyrics and taped them to the [...]

Heating up the rainforest

September 7th, 2007|Canada|

It was chilly and damp at times, so we relished the cedar driftwood campfires. One day when we were unable to kayak due to weather, we hiked 4 miles across the island forest and 4 [...]

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