Father and Daughter Weekend

September 16th, 2019|Canada|

Father daughter weekend at Ainsworth Hot Springs in British Columbia.  We had a down and dirty adventure in Cody Caves and a delightful hike in Kootenay Provincial Park.

Vancouver, BC

July 20th, 2019|Canada|

Vancouver plans to be the Greenest City in the WORLD by 2020!  A whopping 93% of Vancouver's energy already comes from renewable sources. Greenhouse gas emissions are down to 5% below 1990 levels (thanks to [...]

Watching the Stars Come Out in Toronto

September 10th, 2013|Canada|

Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is a series ofhundreds of fall films debuting over 11 days atdozens of theaters simultaneously.  Second only toCannes Film Festival in size, it's where moviebusiness deals are negotiated, and stars [...]

And a DRY Niagara day…

September 9th, 2013|Canada|

Talk about a great view?  A romantic Italian dinnerat the Rainbow Room was the perfect setting for our 8th anniversary! After dinner, we walked along the waterfront tosee the falls, which are lit every night.  NiagaraPark on [...]

Getting WET in Niagara Falls, Canada

September 7th, 2013|Canada|

Orientation - a depiction of both the US and Canadian side.  There are three falls collectively known as Niagara Falls: Horseshoe, American andBridal Veil.  The flow rate is the highest in the world!Niagara is eroding a foot every year, although [...]

Lake Louise, Alberta Canada

June 9th, 2012|Canada|

In the mid-90's, Banff national park institutedwildlife crossings, along with miles of 12 foothigh fences, to funnel deer, elk, bear, wolf,moose and coyote across the Trans Canadahighway.  Accidents have been reduced by 80%. These overpasses are [...]