Deadly Snakes

April 5th, 2006|Australia|

Balancing out the cuteness factor of the set of photos below, we have the truly stunning statistics here on venemous snakes. 18 of the top 21 venemous snakes are found in Australia. The rattlesnake from [...]

Aussie wildlife

April 5th, 2006|Australia|

Take a close look at the kangaroo I'm feeding. Do you see the baby joey? We saw him scamper into the pouch from nearby Mom. How cute is that? Next, we have fairy penguins, which [...]

April 5th, 2006|Australia|

We took a ride in on an old mining railway car in the Blue Mountains that is the steepest in the world, at an amazing 52 degrees (almost a vertical drop). They play the Indiana [...]

Manly Beach, Syndey

April 3rd, 2006|Australia|

Manly Beach is a favorite spot for swimming and surfing. We stumbled on a competitive swim amateur swim meet where the contestants were swimming 2.5 kilometers through the surf...pretty tough duty! The winner finished just [...]

Sydney is HUGE

April 2nd, 2006|Australia|

At about 4 million people, Sydney is bigger than Los Angeles. The inlet from the ocean winds all through the city, so there are 600 miles of coastline. We lost track of all the marinas [...]

Sydney Bridge Climb

April 1st, 2006|Australia|

See those little tiny figures on top of the bridge? That's us climbing up...they have you on a safety line, and it takes about 2 hours to climb up to the center point. They are [...]