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Carlsbad is pretty good!

2020-06-13T17:39:20-07:00June 8th, 2020|California|

We dropped in on my brother in Carlsbad, CA for a quick visit.  It's nice to be able to see people now that pandemic restrictions are easing just a bit.  We're still being very careful [...]

Chaos in Denver, CO

2020-06-13T14:03:43-07:00June 1st, 2020|Colorado|

When we planned our trip to Denver, we had no idea that we were booking a hotel that would be smack dab in the middle of the George Floyd protests - just a block away [...]

Taking a breather in Moab, UT

2020-06-13T10:46:56-07:00May 24th, 2020|Utah|

We do love Moab - and decided it was the perfect spot for a birthday celebration.  Wide open spaces, sunshine and fresh air.  Just what the doctor ordered after being cooped up by the Covid-19 [...]

Quarantining in Vegas

2020-06-13T18:39:00-07:00April 13th, 2020|Nevada|

We do live on the Las Vegas Strip, but we're rarely here.  Once the pandemic hit and everything closed down, it became painfully obvious how we live in the middle of a tourist destination.  All [...]

Ze plane! Ze plane!

2020-05-11T08:24:13-07:00March 24th, 2020|Oregon|

At long last, the plane is done!  When we started back in May of 2017, we had no idea it would be almost three years before we'd have a finished plane.  Now we'll be flying [...]

Phoenix Sibling Reunion

2020-04-21T16:28:02-07:00February 16th, 2020|Arizona|

About half of the Raney clan heads to Arizona in the winter, so the rest of us decided to join them for a little sibling reunion.  We rented an AirBNB that worked out well for [...]

Todo Santos, Mexico

2020-03-01T12:04:37-08:00January 29th, 2020|Mexico|

Todo Santos is about an hour by car but a world away from Cabo San Lucas.  Laid back, natural beaches, dirt roads and that warm Mexican sunshine.

Baby Shower

2020-02-10T09:04:42-08:00January 18th, 2020|Washington|

We decided to do a Build-A-Library baby shower for Sarah, at her new home.  As Dr. Seuss says, "Fill your house with lots of books, in all the crannies and all the nooks!"  The baby [...]

NY Eve in Vegas

2020-02-08T20:40:54-08:00December 31st, 2019|Nevada|

It was cool and breezy, but just a few steps away from our door was the Stirling Club - now reopened and in full on party mode.  We stayed at the party until 11:30, then [...]