We’re in El Paso, Texas, which has 300+ days of sunshine per year, except for TODAY. Plan A was to go to Phoenix, which we ditched for bad weather. Plan B was to go to the NYE party here at the very elegant Paso Del Norte Hotel in El Paso. Once we got here, I looked at the ballroom to check out the party set up. It had all the earmarks of a superspreader event, kind of like a cruise ship 😬 Not to mention that many restaurants have closed here due to COVID staffing shortages. SO! Plan C is to eat in our room. As a treat for me, I brought a bottle of Veuve Clicqout champagne just in case. As a treat for Mike, we are having…. the usually forbidden KFC! We don’t have table in our room, so we’ll use the ironing board with a white tablecloth (aka bath towel), while we look out the window at Mexico, while it’s raining gatos y perros. 🥳 Happy New Year!