Mike’s solo hiking trip with Wildland Trekking.  The route meanders across a stunning plateau that was historically used to transport mail (by mule) and supplies between the towns of Boulder and Escalante. It crosses three major canyon systems and many smaller tributaries that feed into Death Hollow and eventually into the Escalante River. The trail runs over very rugged rocky terrain, a sea of slick rock and canyons, about 24 miles total with big elevation changes.

Carol (pictured below) lives near Acadia Nat’l Park and often day hikes with her son.  She was not accustomed to overnight hiking with a heavy backpack, and soon “ran out of gas” as Mike would say.  He helped her carry her pack for the last two days, carrying hers and then looping back to carry his own.  Double the hike!  Mike and Carol trekked out a day early – finding a restaurant with burgers and bumming rides with locals, much to their delight.  She later sent him a great thank you note, and a whole package of gifts – a beautiful golf shirt and golf balls.  We’ll have to stop by and say hi when we’re in Acadia!