The Centennial Land Run Monument has been on my bucket list since it’s completion in 2019.  It commemorates one day of chaos, excitement and total confusion as 50,000 people rushed into the “unassigned lands” of the Oklahoma Territory to claim their free land.  The rule against trespassing on “Indian” territory had been lifted three days prior to the run, so potential landowners were lined up on all four sides of the territory.  If you staked a claim, stayed there for five years and improved it, the land was yours.  Some folks cheated, trying to stake claims before the official start – they became known as “sooners”.  These “sooners”, pretending to be exhausted from the mad dash, even having run their horses around in circles to get them all sweaty beforehand, made a show of slamming their flags into their chosen ground just as the first legitimate settlers appeared in the distance.  This resulted in years of court cases afterwards, some of which went to the Supreme Court.