Guam – where America’s day begins, is in Micronesia right next to the international date line.  The US military controls about a third of the island.  During WWII, the Japanese occupied Guam for over 2 years, subjecting Guamanians to beheading, rape and torture until the US military recaptured the island in 1944.  US Naval ships in WWII were a welcome sight, but they carried an undetected invader – the brown tree snake.  That non-native snake has eaten the islands birds into extinction in the last few decades.  Without birds, there has been an explosion in the number of spiders.  In order to combat the snakes, the US military drops thousands of dead mice by parachute each year, hoping they will catch in the tree branches.  The mice are filled with Tylenol, toxic to the snakes.  Snakes, spiders and dead mice.  Let the nightmares commence.