For one day, for one event, everyone shook off politics and world disasters and looked up together at the sky.  As the total solar eclipse grew closer, the temperature dropped, the birds quieted and we were entranced.  A solar eclipse reminds you of your insignificance, and we all need that.

The best solar eclipse photo is the one I don’t have. My beloved grandfather was an engineer, retired colonel, and also a really great amateur photographer. Back in 1963, he went to great lengths to construct a box with mirrors that could house his Leica camera – a contraption to capture the eclipse. I’ll never forget him racing up the stairs from his darkroom SO EXCITED that he had a photo of the solar eclipse showing the corona, capturing the rays of the sun. Upon close inspection, he realized he’d actually taken a photo of the top of his own bald head with a few hairs straggling upward. He proudly showed off his “eclipse photo” for weeks!!!