An homage to coffee: a one of a kind coffee shrine.  The Starbucks Roastery and Tasting Room selects small batches of exceptional coffee, roasts them on site, and lovingly serves up drinks or coffee beans to adoring fans.   We learned that roasters have to take a lot into consideration when roasting beans – everything from density to the altitude where the coffee was grown to the ambient temperature and humidity of the roasting facility.  We have it on good authority that Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, stops here several times a week on his way to or from work for a doppio macchiatto (that’s a double shot of espresso marked with cream).

Along for this day of fun were some of my favorite gals!  My mom, Bev, (Starbucks shareholder since 1992), daughter Sarah, sister Kathy, nieces Jessica, Megan and Alex, and good friends Kathy and Kathy, Jennifer and daughter Jilly, Cynthia and Tanya.  A fun, well caffeinated day!