Garbage along the banks of the Ganga River.
Despite the fact that it is a sacred river, with
extraordinary religious importance for Hindus,
and that it provides water for 40% of India,
it is one of the most polluted rivers in the world.
The sales team was on it.  Ready to sell us little
leaf bowls with flowers and a candle to float a
wish upon the river.  These little urchins were
quite insistent.  We bought enough for our whole
group to make one wish each.
Beggars lined up in Varanasi.  It’s impossible to know
which are independent and which are syndicated,
collecting for a boss who gives them a finder’s fee.
Hindus believe that being cremated along the banks
of the Ganges river will release you from the cycle
of rebirth.  The funeral pyre consists of up to
800 lbs. of wood, which is extremely expensive.
This is a ritual for the wealthy.  The poor use
electric cremation.
Up to 200 cremations per day take place along the
Ganges river.  We saw 14 cremations happening
at the same time.