Yak. Butter.  Candles.  We saw a few!
At Yamdrok Lake in Tibet.  Yes, I’m riding a yak.
It’s what you do in Tibet!
Gods can be fierce in Buddhism.
This one is fighting the god of death.
The Tibetan canon is a loosely defined set of sacred
texts, saved on paper, in shoebox sized tablets.
The contents are written in Sanskrit under each
of the fabric tabs.

At a cushy 14,000 ish feet.  This is about the elevation
of Mt. Rainier – no problem!
Sheep crossing during rush hour. Both
clothes and a meal, right before your eyes.

Mike anticipating some Tibetan
watermelon.  Fruit has been a
 luxury item on this trip – such
a treat! 
In Buddhism, snakes are known as the “persecutors
of all creatures”.  Yech!
Observing a water powered barley mill.  The owner
was very proud to offer us a pinch of freshly ground
barley flour to chew.
Our last view of the Himalayas.  With yak!