Modi is India’s new Prime Minister.
Elected by a large margin, he plans
to build the “India of your dreams”.
That includes improving education,
military strength, sanitation, and
foreign investment.
India has been independent from the British since
1947.  The period in which the borders were decided
between India and neighboring Pakistan was a
tumultous time with up to a million people dying
due to sectarian violence.  Tensions remain high,

especially since both countries now have nuclear

Modi is instilling the philosophy
of “Clean India” to the general
public.  Last month he encouraged
everyone to pick up a broom in
the spirit of patriotism.
India has a huge garbage problem.  We had several
people tell us that if they put garbage in plastic bags
as Americans do, then there would be nothing for
the sacred cows to eat!  As part of the
“Clean India” campaign, Modi is contracting with
local garbage collectors in each neighborhood.
Even Obama has pledged to use his influence to
encourage American charities and companies to
offer experts and new technology solutions to
improve public sanitation in India by 2018, in
time to mark the 150th birthday of Matahma Gandhi. 

Typical classified ad in which arranged
marriages are requested “by caste” which
indicates hereditary class and social status
in India.  

Amazing how all the women and men
are smart and beautiful in these ads!

Karva Chauth, a Hindu festival of married women,
took place while we were in India.  Women honor their
 husbands by fasting from sunrise to moonrise,

dyeing their hands with henna designs and
praying for their husband’s health and longevity.
No such “festival” is celebrated by husbands!