Oh, we’re off the beaten path now!  Kathy and I at
the Everest Snow Leopard Guest House. 
Tibetan prayer flags.  The colors represent the five
elements: blue (sky), white (wind), red (fire), green (water),
yellow (earth).  According to Tibetan tradition,
health and harmony are achieved through the
balance of these five elements.

The Himalayan Restaurant comes with its own cow.
Several people were making rock piles, ready to sell
the pile to whoever might need rocks.

Go ahead, Larry, it’s just yak meat.
Giddyup against the dusky white clouds.

The door handle broke on our fine room, so the
5 year old daughter of the housekeeper jumped
in to show us how to break in easily.
So maybe next time, they shouldn’t use light bulbs
with such high wattage here?

We can’t drink alcohol at this altitude, so we
 toasted a successful day with yak milk sweet
tea, which is slightly better than yak butter
tea.  I wonder if they make yak milk lattes?
We’re now at 15,000 ft. and the sun is intense.
Next stop – Everest Base Camp!!!