This little man followed Mike around
for an hour trying to convince him
that he could indeed learn to play the
Nepalese Traverse Flute.  Ha! 
World news is hung from the wall.

Serious dreadlocks.
Keeping calm at the temple.
Nepalese Girl Scouts.  Wonder if
they sell cookies?
Oh boy!  Is it fun or what to cool yourself off in
 the public watering hole.
After I took his picture, this little
charmer asked me to buy him a
I love that she’s giving me the peace sign next to
a huge fearsome warrior with a sword.

Captain Madan Bahadur introduced
himself to us right before our
helicopter flight over the Nepal
landslide.  He was the pilot who
rescued Beck Weathers from
Everest (those of you who have read
“Into Thin Air” will know that story.) 
Must be tough for this guy to eat, but he
had a great attitude, bobbing his head
along to the music in the park.