Isn’t she wicked looking with that one tooth?
A common sight – her teeth are stained red from
chewing betel nuts, which are cheap, addictive
and cancer causing. 
Learning a lesson from a wise man.  The moral of
this story is don’t be the one picked from the crowd
for the demonstration unless you want to be scared
spitless by a large plastic snake.
Gorgeous saris!  We felt so drab
by comparison to Indian women.
Jaipur is called the “Pink City” for the rose colored
wall, built in 1727, that surrounds the city.

Judging by the white scarves, these guys
have just returned from a religious
 ceremony, probably a cremation.
We loved our stays at the magnificent Oberoi hotels.
Especially after the rudimentary accommodations
 and pit toilets in Tibet! 

Oberoi Hotel in Udaipur, one of the most romantic
hotels in the world!
Ready to get our pedi cab on!