A hearty welcome to the Nepal Tibet
border.  Looks like it will be cold here!
News photo of the landslide in Nepal caused by
torrential rains in August.  Hundreds lost their lives,
many more were displaced from their homes and
are at risk for cholera.  We flew a helicopter over
the area, as the roads were impassable.

Horn Please!  Here are the rules: honk when you
pass, honk for pedestrians, honk to say hi, honk
to back up, honk if someone is in your way.
Carrying stuff with your head should
be an Olympic event.  These women
would be standing on the podium.

Our helicopter landed at a children’s school on the
edge of a cliff.  We immediately were at 10,000ft.
when we landed.  Makes you feel a little woozy!

Rough, tough and buff.  These Nepalese Sherpa
women carried up to 100 lbs. of luggage tied to
a strap on their forehead… lugging it uphill on a
rocky road, then waiting in line at Chinese Customs.
How I wish I could tell these women
 that they are truly exceptional.  They
didn’t bat an eyelash, this was nothing
out of the ordinary for them.
China is cranking up the war on drugs.  Just say bú.