Ancient camel stables, extra tall
to accomodate camel and rider.
Marigolds, the new monkey snack!

Waiting at the train platform in Jhansi, India.  I think
this guy though I was taking his photo, but I was
actually trying to capture the rats running around
his feet. (Red finger pointing added for emphasis)
We waited here, standing for over an hour, which
was OK until Mike pointed out that the rats probably
weren’t ONLY on the other side of the platform.
Really wished I hadn’t worn sandals…. 

Beautiful fresh vegetables for sale.  Seems like the
 Indian diet, primarily vegetarian, would be quite healthy,
but the reality includes many fried foods and sweets.  
Bessie is looking for her calf, wandering around
the temple steps.  With very limited predators and
sacred status, the most dangerous thing a cow has
 to avoid is a collision with a car.
Indian street food, usually some kind of stuffed and/or
fried bread or potato with lentils and other vegetables.

Papadam is a thin, crisp frisbee of
dough.  Betcha can’t eat just one.
Wait – did this vendor just wipe
his nose with his shirt?  Ewwww!
Coconut for sale.  This guy will sell you a slice or
two while you’re waiting for the stoplight.