Devout Tibetans spend hours a day spinning a
prayer wheel, a metal cylinder on a handle with
a small weight attached.  Inside is a scroll with
Buddhist prayers, and they believe that by spinning
the wheel, prayers are sent out automatically.
Morning incense at Jokhang Temple, the holiest
temple in all of Tibet. 

Some pilgrims prostrate themselves all the way to
the temple, up and down, moving only feet at a time.
It can take years for them to travel from their home
towns to Lhasa.

Our fascination with Tibetan food wearing thin,
Mike was SO excited to find a western restaurant
with a menu he could get excited about!

The local cheese monger, who wears a face mask
to protect himself, but has no protection for the cheese.

This decision is a no brainer.
Instead of sheep’s head, we decided on a Tibetan
Hot Pot and yak meatballs.  I really don’t think
anyone in our group will miss Tibetan food.