A typically stunning display of hand arranged flowers
 for Diwali.  Celebrated in autumn each year, it was
 originally an agricultural festival, where people would
 finish up accounting for their annual crops and
 pray to Lakshmi, goddess of wealth for a successful year.
Wow – we’re not used to seeing fireworks like this
anymore!  These were the ones that they let us set off for Diwali.
Roman candles ready to light up the night.
Diwali gets its name from the row (avali) of clay
lamps (deepa) that Indians light up outside their
homes to symbolize the inner light that protects
us from spiritual darkness.  This festival is as
important to Hindus as Christmas is to christians.
Sparklers!  They let us have sparklers!!!
This is what you call a BIG entrance to a Diwali party.

Nothing like fireworks to bring
out the boy inside the man. 
Yes, that is a real elephant walking
 by – better watch my step!

Launching a good fortune lantern.  Like a mini hot
air balloon, you have to light it and wait for about
5 minutes until it gets hot enough to create lift.
Which gives you time to think up a really good wish!