The Beatles Suite at the Edgewater Hotel!  The Fab Four
 stayed here in 1964, during their first US tour,
after every other hotel in Seattle had turned them down
due to security issues over throngs of Beatlemaniacs.
Fans were so crazy, the hotel sold souvenir squares
of the carpeting and sheets after they left.
The much more groovy 70’s Beatles,
hanging casually over our bathtub.
The guys relaxing before the big shindig.
Mark and his groomsmen, with
Elliott Bay directly below.  The
Edgewater is the only high rise hotel
 window that fully opens for jumping,
 because you’d only land in the water!

Back in the day, they let hotel guests
fish out of the window, which made
for some smelly bedspreads. 

Mark Schmalz having a chuckle before he gets
serious about the battle of the tux.

Right outside the hotel window, the Victoria Clipper
gives their guests a spin before the high speed
ride up to Canada.
One of life’s little mysteries – how to tie a perfect
bow tie.  Luckily, You Tube had the answer.
Mike making sure he folds the pocket square
just right.
Fireball whisky flasks await…

Sarah’s gown, with the Puget Sound view.

Meanwhile, up in the Penthouse Suite, bridesmaid
Tanya is glamming up.
This little Kewpie doll bride and groom have topped
many a wedding cake in our family, starting with
my grandparents in 1927. 
The perfect bridal eyelashes!
Sarah’s bouquet, built around the Japanese ivory fan
 that has been carried by brides in our family for generations. 

Gwen and Grandma Bev having a multi-gen hangout.