The birthday boy gives a big thumbs up to a sweet
red Camaro for the week.  Drive it like a rental, Captain!

The one thing I didn’t count on is how hard it
 would be 
to fit all our stuff in the car.
  Especially the golf clubs!

Tee time at Spyglass, one of the toughest golf courses
in the world.  Humbling experience.
Friendly staff around this course!

Following a round at Spanish Bay, Mike receives
the royal shoe cleaning treatment, including a little
move where they put the air sprayer inside his shoe!

Much to our dismay, we didn’t actually play Pebble
Beach (it’s almost impossible unless you stay at their
extremely spendy hotel).  We dutifully dialed our
cell phones in unison at 6:55AM each morning to
ask for cancellations, but we didn’t get in.  On the plus
side, we were able to use the Pebble Beach driving
range by virtue of our Spyglass tee time.