The local meat market.  This was on a dirt road with
lots of flies.  I decided on the spot to be a vegetarian
for this trip.
Yaks cheese is quite mild.  We thought we’d be surviving
 on protein bars, but the food here is quite good!

Disposable leaf bowls sold by a girl
with at least one hand in the western
world.  She has a red dot or “bindi”

on her third eye for beauty and focus.
Rice is moved around more efficiently by handtruck
than car.  The Nepalese are some fit folks.
Winner winner chicken dinner.
Sacred cows roam through the streets.  You do need
to watch out for the holy shit, too.

Gooseberries are easy to grow and love the sun.
Kathmandu is at 5,000 ft. elevation, so that works.
This was an inkling of what was to come in Nepal.
Women carry very heavy stuff here! 

Cock of the walk

Bara, Nepalese savory pancakes, are
made with eggs and lentils.
Bhaktapur yogurt, with a hint of citrus and honey,
is served in clay bowls that are made here. 
Eyes full of hope, but there will be no real ice cream
for Mike in Nepal.  It could be on the agenda when
we get home.