Nephew Tim and Amy tied the
knot in style at the Skyline Loft,
 just outside of Chicago. What a
great party!!!  
Making sure my date is up to snuff – it’s been a
while since he wore a tie.
The beaming bride and groom, looking forward to
a lifetime of happiness.
An elegant chandelier graced the industrial
elevator  – seemed like we should be wearing
hardhats with our wedding duds.
Amy was delighted with Tim’s
accidental kiss, stolen before the
official one was announced.

Catching up with Rolly, who really dressed up for
the occasion (note that Mike’s tie is now gone)!
Mike photobombing a few of his sisters!
Party on, Raney sibs!

Fancy footwork, ladies!

Mike’s sisters know a thing or two about how to
cut a rug 

Table decorations of Amy and Tim in the early years.