Emerald Bay, just south of our place in Lake Tahoe,
was alive with boats and kayakers in the midst of
a warm summer day.  Note the “teahouse” in the
middle of the bay, built by the wealthy owners of
a 38 room mansion (Vikingsholm, on the shore)
 back in the 1930’s.  The only island
 in Lake Tahoe, the owners were the primary backers
of Charles Lindbergh’s nonstop solo flight across
the Atlantic in 1927.   
Climbing up to the teahouse involves a swim,
a scramble up the rocks and a little bravery in
the face of a tall building on a sheer cliff with
no railings!  Mike and I, along with our friends
Michelle and her sons Bill and Bob from Paris
were up to the task

Bonjour from the teahouse in Lake Tahoe!
My first attempt at paddle boarding,  thanks to a
lot of advice from Dan and Vicki.  Easier than it
looks, as long as there is no wind and no boat wake.

Mike was brave enough to test the line to start.
Bob and Dan had to give him the heave ho.

Dan shot a slingshot up in the trees
to make a fun tree climb.

Bill showing some style on the paddle board!
Bob was hoisted up a good 50 feet in the air for
a true bird’s eye view.