We had fun flying Michele and the boys
from Seattle to the ranch in Wyoming, then
a week or so later to Tahoe.
Raw ingredients for our French dinner.  American
supermarkets aren’t quite the quality of French
street markets, but Michele did her best to hunt
down some good ingredients.  She was completely
mystified by the “Miracle Whip” in the store,
(yuk!) which will likely never be in France.
I love how the French love great food!
Bob showed us how to make crepes, a French diet staple.
  Mike tried for three days to pronounce “crepe” properly!
We had them savory (with ham, cheese and an egg) or
sweet (with strawberries and whipped cream).
Note our flour sifter is a spatter guard…
hey, it works!
Michele and Bob preparing Navarin D’Agneau
 (tender braised lamb with pearl onions and green beans),
and ratatouille (eggplant and zucchini with tomatoes,
 peppers, onions, garlic and herbs de Provence).
 Hot or cold, real French ratatouille is to die for!
Our dinner out at West Shore Cafe, where we rode
in the boat, and the “boat valet” gave us a ride to
the dock in a dinghy!
Smiles all around for our American dinner:  beef
 tenderloin, salmon, russet and sweet potatoes,
 grilled sweet onions, and a big salad.

Dessert temptation – Babas au Rhum from Paris,
 which Michele cradled carefully in her suitcase.
Hard to describe, sort of like cake balls in rum,
really incredible over fresh strawberries :)