Mike’s brother Steve, who finally found the love
of his life in Linda.  Their party at the Moose Lodge
in Geneseo, IL was a blast.  Family fun!
*NOT* Just Married – the marriage actually happened
over a year ago.  After repeated pleas for a party,
they finally came through with the reception.

Cousins posing just before they attack the cake.
Camera smile request thwarted by a pirate!  Aye,
maties, ’tis Kari and Andrea… 
Nephew Matt catching up with Aunt Jean.
Proud mom Vicki toasting her son, Nick.
Mike toasting (or was it roasting?)
the groom. 
Mike’s sister Rosemary hanging with cousin Mary
Therese and friends.
Budding beauty Emma sporting a wedding ribbon.
The Raney wives club officially welcoming newly
minted member, Linda.