The first, the original Raney siblings –
first “baby” Steve on the left, then Tom, Mary Ann,
 Charlie, Kathy, Dan, Rolly, Cookie, Mike and Rosemary. 
We were missing quite a few, but this is some of
the extended Raney clan.  Happy 4th of July!!!
Competitive volleyball camaraderie. 

Rob and Kari hosted a great reunion
get together at their new 20 acre spread.
Here’s Rob, patriotically serving.
We raffled off this TV that Mike and I won at a
golf tournament in Seattle (not because of our golf
skill, but because we had the right raffle ticket).
Mary Ann was the lucky winner!
Cousins Katie and Ava in a deep preschool conversation.

Mike’s brother Tom
Cousins loving the battery operated tractor.  They’ll
be able to add this to their resume if they ever apply
to John Deere (headquartered here).  The kids played
on it all day long – great babysitter.

Proud Grandma Vicki is all smiles with grandson Jude.

Sunset over the soybean fields.  US corn and soybean
crop conditions are the best farmers have seen in
twenty years.  Ka-ching!

Aimee and Mary Ann planning a road trip so
Mary Ann can get that big TV back to Denver.