An amazing chef, and a fine friend to boot, Aron planned,
 provisioned and cooked up some excellent food.
  Feeding 29 people for breakfast, lunch and
 dinner for five days was no easy task. 

Almost the whole family!  My mom, holding her youngest
great grandchild, took center stage.  Considering that
she’s an only child of two only children, this is quite
the clan!  (Missing are Kathy and Steve)

The plan to give Aron a hand.  Everyone pitched
in, and we used paper plates, so we burned the dishes.
Second cousins Ethan and Sophia met for the first
time, and found out that giggles work if you’re
 from Seattle or St. Louis.

We lucked out on terrific weather, and enjoyed sunsets
like this from our shore.
Shucks, that’s a lot of corn!

Justin’s girlfriend Sandy and I burned off some calories
 with precision duet hula hooping.
Proud daddy Jeff with baby Mabrey.
Sophia and Abbey spent hours driving this little car around
the tennis court, which earned the nickname “kid kennel”,
because the little ones spent so much time behind
the fence!  In order to help with the demand for food,
the girls collected all the ingredients necessary for
pine cone soup.  Yummy.
Sharing old family photos.  Those clothing choices
in the 90’s seemed like such a good idea at the time!