One of the most delightful moments was
seeing my mother painting again.
Sarah and Mark unwinding.  No high tech problems
to solve here at the lake.
Tony had to make good on a bet he lost
last year when the Seahawks beat the
49ers, by wearing feathers and dancing
to “What Does the Hawk Say?”  The

Seahawks went on to make Superbowl
history.  The 49ers were busy watching
TV and cussing that day.
Swimming noodles can also be repurposed to run
around the deck and play tag.  Good to know.

More of costume night – he’s strong to the finish ’cause he
eats his spinach, he’s Popeye the sailor man!
Butt Furr?  We’d never say who
chose to wear this, Tony.

Mike and the boys ready to take on the monster
whipsaw flip ride.
Jenny waterskiing 
Mike scrambled up onto a
40 foot rock and jumped
into the water!
Caleb and Ty spent hours throwing rocks into the
lake.  My favorite exchange?
 Ty: “I’m out of rocks”
Caleb: “I’ll throw you some”
Alex taking in a little Vitamin D sunshine
Beth opted for shade with a sleepy Mabrey.