Cocoa Beach is on the Atlantic side of Florida,
a beach peninsula with water on both sides.
Looks like this Tiki guy forgot
his hat and sunglasses!

Dinner with our Florida family!  Mike’s brother 
Charlie, wife Deb, their son David and his
 girlfriend Caroline. 

Cocoa Beach became famous in the late
1960’s as the setting for “I Dream of
Jeannie”, the sitcom with a 2,000 year
old genie (Barbara Eden) being found
by an astronaut (Larry Hagman), who
instantly became her master.  Very
popular counter programming to

We found the street named in honor of the show!
Beach combing was pretty safe, with the possible
exception of this bad boy sitting on the beach –
a Portuguese man ‘o war.  Their venom filled
stings paralyze their prey, and can really ruin
the day for a swimmer.
We actually stopped into Florida for recurrent pilot simulator
 training, practicing cockpit procedures.  Walking on
the beach was a welcome sunshine break.