Fresh fish ready for wrapping in Greek newspapers.

A free shower sign sure
to catch a sailor’s eye.
The caption here was only in Greek, but towards the
end of this trip, we were convinced that the Greek
invented everything.  Including theraputic massage!
To quote Homer, the epic Greek poet, “much
 have I toiled in perils of waves and war.”  
Epidaurus theater (with comfy stone seating for 14,000),
was built starting in 400 AD.  The acoustics here
are exceptional.  A coin drop at center stage can
be clearly heard from any seat in the amphitheater.
One of our last sunsets on the sail trip.
Larry and Kathy goofing it up on our farewell party.
OMG!  American Style Super Donuts, chased by
a fat American who can’t wait to get some?
Get yer Oyzo (ouzo) right here, kids.
Greek dancing with performer Stavros Sakatos,
who sang at Sting’s wedding.  Our crew felt like we were
still swaying from the boat – from the left, Jerry, me,
Mike, Larry, Deb and Kathy.  Opa!  Yamas!