Christchurch is not known for its religious
 or racial diversity.  In 2011, the British
 Prime Minister said his alma matter’s
admission figures were “disgraceful”.
Christchurch in Oxford, England is both a cathedral
and a prestigious college, producing no less than
thirteen British Prime Ministers.

John Locke, the famed British philosopher,
was an Oxford alumni.  His thoughts on
the separation of church and state were
influential in the American Declaration
of Independence.

Tom Quadrangle at Oxford.  Every night at five past nine,
 the seven-ton bell in Tom Tower chimes 101 times.
  The original 101 students had to be within the walls
of Oxford by the last toll.

Oxford Dining hall during Harry Potter days, with
enchanted floating candelabras and wizard hats.

Oxford dining hall, complete with paintings of famous
 men (women were not allowed here until 1978)!
Professor McGonagall awaiting
the first year students on the

The same staircase with yours truly.
I am related to a witch, after all!

See the tiny Alice in the lower left of
this magnificent window?  That’s in honor

of “Alice Through the Looking Glass” or
as we know her, Alice in Wonderland.
In the mid 1800’s, Oxford had a famous math professor
by the name of Charles Dodgson.  His office was on the
 upper floor of this building.  He frequently looked
 out of his window to the grassy lawn where the dean’s little
 blond daughter would play, ducking in and out of the
 doorway and calling to a fat cat stuck in the tree.
  Her name? Alice.  His pen name?  Lewis Caroll.