Over 30 million visitors travelled to the UK in 2013,
so the amount of pedestrian confusion is intense.

(since Brits drive on the left side of the road)
Despite these signs all over the city, we still had
a close call jaywalking near a double decker bus.
Welcome to London!  Our dapper
doorman at the Milestone Hotel.

Our lunch at the ready – feast your eyes on that
incredible fish and chips at center stage.  Mine! 
British food gets a bad rap, but Jamie Oliver’s Union
 Jack restaurant at Covent Garden was great! He’s come a
 long way from his Naked Chef days – in addition to
 cookbooks and TV, he now owns 40 restaurants.

Phone booths seem like such
an antique oddity anymore,
but in London they’re also

WiFi hotspots!

A nod to the lads from Liverpool,
lyrics to the Beatles “Hello”.
When riding the subway, or “Tube” as they call it
here, you are constantly reminded to “Mind the Gap”,
as in the gap between the station platform and
the train.

What a delight to meet up with Jennifer Davies for
dinner in London.  In an epic cultural mash-up,
we had kimchee at BiBimBap Korean restaurant
 on Greek street, followed by Italian gelato at Lick.